Saturday, 22 May 2021

Limitations on Our Faith

Kojo: Lemme tell you this story and how it opened my eyes to this topic. One day, my rent was due and I had to redraw this huge amount of money. But my account was a savings account which I opened after school, hence I set a lower limit for the total amount of money I could redraw in a day; not thinking of the future. 

I started working, and along the line my current account visa card got missing. All I had was my savings account visa card, and I still had this limit I set years ago on my savings account at the back of my mind. A week before my rent was due, I planned to take the money in bits from Monday to Friday, then would make the full payment that weekend. 

But a colleague at work suggested that I withdraw all the money I needed at a goal, and that I shouldn't judge my current situation with my past. I went ahead since it was a good advice; "what was the harm in trying". Only to my surprise, that I could actually withdraw all the money at once. And then it hit me, that we are limited by our own level of faith. The extent of faith you have determines how God adjust your miracle or breakthrough. It won't happen if you don't test your faith by stretching it a bit further. Most of us, we've caged our faith. We've set a limit to it. Why don't you believe God can use someone to bless your life by buying you a house and a car also?. Ye of little faith.

Some people never receive certain types of miracles, because in their minds they've set a limit to their faith and they don't believe such things can happen to them. If only you would believe it's possible, it can happen for you too. An unbeliever can have more faith than a believer. Don't limit yourself because of your past or background. With God, all things are possible. If only your faith was as little as a master seed. Giving it a try means you've exercised faith; that is all you need. God no go shame us!

Sunday, 11 April 2021

A Touch of Gratitude

 Kojo: Complaining never solves anything. Life is full of little little choices that we sometimes don't seem to realize. We can choose to see the bright side of everything or vice versa. Sometimes, even when we meet the right person we expect a mistake from them in order to conclude that men are trash or women ain't loyal. One thing I noticed is that whatever you look out for, you would receive in this life.  I've owned this blog for 6years now. Yes, its been quite a journey. I've shared on pain and happiness alike; dependent on my emotions. Trust me, I could write on 3 different topics a day. 130 write ups in a year. I had people always expecting a write ups from me and I thank God for their lives, because they inspired me to write more. And to the ones who judged just from reading one script, Ayekoooo!. Truly I tell you, no prophet is accepted in his hometown. Luke 4:24.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

When Life Hits You Hard

Kobina: One thing that I pray for, is that, you don't get dragged by the troubles of this life. For we are living in a world that everyone is thinking of particularly themselves, and partly: their family, and in some occasions: their friends. Therefore, when life shakes our walls a little, we suddenly feel all alone. Life in itself is stressful enough to burden oneself with another's troubles; our mentality. Hence, when we tell our troubles to a friend on three/four occasions, we appear to be a liability, depending on the intensity of our troubles and the help we seek in return. Then after finding courage to confide in someone, they encourage us and  end up saying, "Call me whenever you need someone to talk to". Then they forget about us for a while cause they also have their own troubles. Depression then sets in, and bitterness knocks on our door each night as we try to go to sleep. This develops partial wickedness, cause we feel all alone. And that is why I pray that we do not experience this part of life, because it changes us one way or the other when we sail through. After years or months or weeks of struggles, midnight cries, trauma, hurt, pain. Trust me, we do not come out the same. I hereby pray for us, that may we always meet our helper in downtimes. May we never be left stranded and without hope. May the Lord God meet us with our needs whenever we fall short. Amen and God Bless You for reading. 

Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Akwasi: I've been thinking a lot lately. About necessary stuffs, not vice versa. I guess you might be wondering what are some unnecessary stuffs we worry our heads over. I remember; a girl once told me that I should have wore slippers cause people would say, "I'm overly dressed than she was" on our impromptu outing. On the other hand, I found this misconception to be needless, even if we were dating. Lets focus on the necessary stuffs now. Nowadays, everyone is looking out for themselves. For inner peace, inner joy, comfort, money, happiness: name it. We find the qualities we're looking for in a person and yet something irrelevant holds us back. Others are just indecisive; one minute we're all in and the next minute we make up an excuse. I wonder where all the love went to?. On occasions such as birthdays, weddings etc; the best we do is post a picture of the person. If the person is fortunate to see it, then fine, if not, we've done our part. You would agree that we've stopped giving gifts on these occasions, unless the person is a relative, close friend, partner. Again, I ask, where is all the love gone to?. I wouldn't say that we do not care, but that is just how the world is gearing towards currently. Could it be the "each man for himself" ideology creeping in on us little by little?, or is it that we only look out for our own?. I wonder what went wrong and how we lost it. How it has become so much a big part of us that we see nothing wrong with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we don't show love to one another; we do. Our mode of showing love is what I'm addressing and making a big fuss about, because it is not enough. The way we fancy being showed love is not the way we approach love to others ourselves. Are we broke or we are using that as an excuse?. What shows if we get rich, we would give just as much either?. Personally, I think showing love has nothing to do with our state but our mindset. We can do better.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Personalize Your Thanksgiving

Ama: Don't you think it is more appropriate and appreciating when we personalize our thanksgiving than compare?. Because we all have our individual race to run and battles to fight. So the fact that our mates are ahead has nothing to do with us being "left behind". Because our age maybe the same yet our time of breakthrough might be different. Rather we making the effort to focus on our lives and bettering ourselves is ideal. Why crown your thanksgiving on the disadvantaged or less privileged?. Mostly we compare our lives with the sick and the dead as a reason for our thanksgiving. So what if no one died or fell sick?. Meaning we don't have any better reason for our thanksgiving?. We can rightfully thank God for good health and His mercies that has brought us this far without having to compare. How would you feel when someone uses you as a reason for their thanksgiving; that they are better of than you are?. Don't beat around the bush with your thanksgiving. Again I repeat, personalize it. There will always be someone who would share in your thanksgiving. Besides, for the mere fact that the universe exist can be a form of thanksgiving to God. All I am drawing our attention to is for the fact that there is more to be thankful for without having to compare our lives with others. Finally I say: Personalize your thanksgiving. God Bless You!

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Christmas Came with Love

Timothy: I've written hundreds of write-ups on love and yet there is still more to write about. Fundamentally, it all began with love, if you think about it analytically.  Referring to creation, where it all began. 80% of people's status are about either showing love or hating on love. Many doubt love until they meet their right pair and they are swept off their feet by it. Others settle on one of their options, judging from the physical and mental; building on love eventually. Love takes effort and consistency, else we wouldn't be taken seriously. Love is mostly wrongly perceived, that is why I concluded on this fact that it takes maturity to handle love. We all know maturity has nothing to do with age, but our life's experience. How beautiful it is when we finally find that one person that brings out the realness in us. Finding that person who accepts us for whom we are isn't something easy at all. Cause we all come with our own luggages full of conditions. Hopefully, we find someone who ticks a lot of boxes on our preference sheet. Eventually, we start looking out for red flags. We take quite a long time considering whether we can actually live with those red flags we notice. Indeed, love is sweet when we are with the right person. Their company is heaven to us, and their absence is a more like a burden on us. How I wish love would locate everyone in this life. Cause, life in itself is stressful and we wouldn't want anyone stressing our lives on top of that. Understanding is a secret ingredient in any love story. Finding that love of our life who understands all our gestures and body language is like a dream come through. And treats us like the King/Queen we always fantasied about. Don't conclude that its love so soon and don't give up on love either. To be Continued.

Wednesday, 2 December 2020

That Christmas Feeling

Regardless; the rich or poor, liberal or confined, everyone gets their fair share of happiness. It's a time of the season; God smiles on humanity and pours down his cup of happiness on us. And that replaces the tough and rough memories we encountered during the year with gratitude and thanksgiving. Filled with a sense of hope and a fresh start for the following year. While we make plans and resolutions to better ourselves the next year. How it feels good to see the choir rehearsing the carols and people redecorating or adding some lightening to their homes to brighten every corner. Churches lifting 'crossover' banners all around town. Children busy helping out at home, receiving visitors and gifts of all kinds. Families having reunions, catching up with other family members; giving updates and having fun. It's a time of giving and receiving, blessings and celebrating, oneness and love. Paying humage to the one above. Depicting His love and sharing in His selfless act of giving. Praising with the Angels on one accord. For we were once lost but now forgiven. Living in His light, in His will in which we are driven. That Christmas Feeling is that of a season of remembrance. Looking at how far we've come and being thankful to God for it.

Thursday, 1 October 2020

Why we must offer our best

Bryce:  I discovered this simple truth, that the reason why we cannot bypass God is simply because He is the best and there is no other besides Him. And that is enough reason to tell someone if they are curious about our God and why we worship Him. 

He is at the top of the pyramid, because He is the best and whatever He does is the best. An epitome, is He giving us His only Son, Jesus, who is the best redemption to man kind. That is why everything we offer Him must be the best, because we have been made aware that, He is the best and He does what is best for us. Hence, He demands the best from us as well. 

Let me give us an illustration to clarify things better. Why do we go to that special barber, seamstress or sales person when we need a service that requires their expertise?. It is plainly because, the service they render us, to us, is the best. Reason why we leave someone for another is because we want the best for us. Meaning, being "good or better" in this context is not enough.

The same reason why a number of people are interviewed, out of which one is picked, is for the cause of searching for the best person who fits the criteria. Hence, there is the need for us to render our best in every aspect of our lives. And the final reason why we should render our best service is because we have a spirit enemy, who works through our kind, for the sake of our downfall. 

This is a good reason for us to do our best spiritually also, through prayer and service to God. In order to be victorious against our adversaries, for we do not wrestle against flesh nor blood, but against principalities and rulers of darkness. In conclusion, if we want the best results and the best recommendations, then we must put in our best.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

We All Need Peace of Mind

Timaa: Many ladies wish to marry at an early age and worry sets in if they haven't found the right partner yet, at their late twenties or early thirties. This can lead to anxiety, especially, when most of their mates or younger siblings are getting married. At the end of the day what we look out for is peace of mind. A simple definition would be a mind free from worry and anxiety. You can testify that we often worry about a lot of things that we realize years after they weren't relevant after all. Arguably, most people don't marry at an early age because they were in a relationship with someone who wasn't ready to marry them. Unfortunately, they didn't figure this out earlier enough. Others also wait to meet that person of their fantasy. Unwilling to see that person with potential and vision, accepting them and working towards their dreams together. But we all know what we hope for at the end of the day: Peace of Mind. Freedom from the worries of this world, and we seek this more at home than anyway else. Unconsciously, we pray that our life partner wouldn't add to this stress on the outside also in our homes. To us, our homes are our safe haven, that is why it is advisable not to make a hasty decision when it comes to choosing our life partners, because, it is a life time journey. And if we are not happy to come home at the end of the day then we know our lives are messed up.  Owing to the fact that, we will resort to seeking happiness else where and that would affect our homes. What are the red flags you see with your life partner?. Can you live with them and can you make them better people?. Remember, Peace of Mind!.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

You Need Wisdom to Make It - Part 2

 Ama: You would agree that it's confusing when you have options and you have to choose only one out of them, even if its a life partner. That is why people keep making mistakes of choosing the wrong companion. It's quite simple if you are differentiating between orange and yellow. But it takes wisdom to tell the difference between repose gray and mindful gray. Mostly, we are being taught how to separate orange from yellow, but life presents us with situations that requires us to separate repose gray from mindful gray. To make us have a feel of what the real world is all about, our teachers would teach us 1+1, yet in the exam you would see questions like 1-1x3. And that prepares us towards life, teaching us to be prepared even for the unexpected in life. An epitome is the year 2020.

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

You Need Wisdom to Make It

Ama: Solomon discovered a certain mystery out of wisdom, and so he said, "You can make many plans, but the LORD’s purpose will prevail.", Prov. 19:21. I wanted to know why he made this statement though. Then it came to my realization that someone who was so immensely rich that all his cups were made of gold, he would have had so many plans and projects. I think Solomon understood the principles of this world better. No wonder people from all walks of life came just to feed off his wisdom. I once read that, wisdom is 'knowledge rightly applied'. And then I knew, that going to school to acquire knowledge and understanding to sharpen our skills isn't enough. But having the wisdom to channel it into profitable use is all there is. That particular idea that leads to our breakthrough is the wisdom we long for. Anything at all that was invented or discovered in this world was out of wisdom. In other words, the work of wisdom is to enable us; invent and discover. Truth is, you need wisdom in order to make it in this life. The word "wise" was gotten out of wisdom. Meaning, lacking wisdom makes you a fool in a situation. In other words, ignorance makes us look foolish. A wise person is characterized by wisdom, marked by deep understanding, keen discernment and a capacity for sound judgement. Anyone who is specialized in any field of work has a deeper understanding others don't. That deeper understanding sharpens his/her capacity to give sound judgement and therefore makes them wise in that field of work. What are you wise at doing?. What do people come to you for help in? It only takes wisdom to do what you do best. It takes wisdom to work smart and not just work hard.

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

The Goodness of God

Adwoa: Lemme take it from this angle to make it more interesting, before I tell you what this piece is all about. That's right, it's been a while you heard from me. I guess life has got a way of keeping us busy, and not having time for the things we use to love doing. I remember I could write 6 different scripts a day, and about 30 a month. But now, we are in August and I have written only 26 scripts so far. I blame my manager. Anyways, today I'm simply touching on something simple. Sometimes, I sit back and reflect and all I can say is that the Lord has been good. It doesn't have to take me to reflect before I know, but having a throwback makes me understand why I say, He is good. Then I can relate with David, when he said in Ps 119:68, that, "You are good, and what You do is good". I've also come to realize that, situations may blind us of this truth. Besides, we all had a plan laid out for our lives. That, by 26 we would have moved from our parents house, and by 28 we would own a car and be building our own house to settle down. My sister even said, by 22, she wouldn't be in Ghana. My point is, as for the plans we all have. But have you heard the verse that says, "For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future", Jer 29:11. Meaning, our plans are acknowledged by our creator, He knows we have plans for ourselves. That is why He is making us aware in this verse that, He is aware of our plans but He also knows the plans He has for us. In this case, all we need to do is to fuse our plans with His, to make it one master plan for our lives. Jesus knew this too, that is why He ended His prayer at Gethsemane by saying, "Yet not My will but Yours be done". Cause He knew God saw the bigger picture, and He was blinded by His current situation. I think this is one prayer we can adopt too. To be continued

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

I Might Be Alone On This

Achiaa: I don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way lately, but I'm just being real that's all. Cause it took me a while to love myself, mainly because people's opinions of me got to me. But the incredible thing is, with time we all grow out of it. Suddenly, what people think of us doesn't get to us no more. It's all based on our experiences in life. Experience has taught us that people who want to change us rather than loving us for whom we are, in the end, leave us hanging for another. I've had people tell me, "I love you, but if you could work on your tummy at least, cause I like my women wearing bodycon". So I started going to the gym to be in shape for this guy. I think it might be a good thing to at least get to see your partner's ex, even if it's their picture, cause then you get to know the kind of people they are attracted to, cause there is always a trend or type or characteristics they like. It might answer a little bit of the "why you?" question. For me, I'm not really interested in finding out. Sometimes, knowing too much also creates unnecessary doubts. Already, we are living in a world where the majority have trust issues, so why give them a reason to, when you can avoid it. My brother had this lady he opened up to very often, I mean they could talk for hours which annoyed me, cause she told him, she rejected his proposal because of the way he talks a lot about things that worry him. It taught me to keep things to myself; some things are just better not shared. Anyways, now I'm single cause the guy left me for someone of his specifications. So the question is, why did he have to waste my time if I wasn't his choice all along. So after this experience, it doesn't matter how you feel about me. If you do not love me for me then I'm sorry I won't commit. Basically, it is our experiences in life that have made us who we are now. Experience teaches us nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything. Also,  reflection turns experience into insight,

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Words are Underrated

Owusua: I'm very aware actions speaks louder than words and all that. But can we give "words" massive credits too. Undoubtedly, words mean everything. I mean we can fall in love with someone simply based on their words. Knowing just the right words to say at any given instance; gives us a upper hand in relationships, work, school etc. People who know how to communicate rightly usually get away with things. Couples that know how to communicate properly to each other strive through thick and thin. The rational behind miscommunication is simply because the right words weren't used. Relationships collapse, married couples divorce, tribal wars occur, nations fight, workers get fired: because words were used abusively.  Notably, people are remembered not for their works only, but for their words also. Reason why we have quotes of influencial people who died centuries ago. Moreover, people are mostly remembered by the words they contribute concerning matters. That is why sometimes we wish someone was around us at a given instance, because  we know they would know exactly what to say to resolve matters. Even though, certain words like "I'm sorry", "I love you", may have lost its value. Yet it counts when used in the right circumstance. Wisdom and Foolishness are equated to a person mainly because of the words they utter. The words we speak tells a lot about us, basically it defines us; communicates whom we are, our beliefs and even where we are from. Solomon was known as the wisest man ever lived solely by his words. And he was right when he said a fool is considered wise until he speaks in public. He had 700 concubines and 300wives, depicting women are moved by words; Songs of Solomon makes that evident. On the other hand, the Word of God signifies words carry power. That is why positive confessions are advised. Learning how to speak is a necessity. Your life depends on it.

Sunday, 22 March 2020

The Voice inside My Head

Kojo: I'm gonna tell you the truth right from the start. Doesn't matter how you take it; the truth will forever remain the truth. Besides, being nice did not get me anywhere with you in the first place, so why not continue being myself. This would only take 2minutes of your time, but it would as well save you eternally. My problem is that; upon all that is going on earth, witnessing with your own eyes about the on-going pandemic. You still following your selfish fleshy desires. Yet even under self quarantine, your thoughts are full of temporal pleasures. Listen carefully, God has had enough of your behaviour, almost pulling the plug on you and I may have negotiated that I'm gonna have this conversation with you to buy you more time. It might be too late if you don't heed to this. Doctors out there saving lives are even dying. And your life is spared and this is the only good you can make out of it?. You never have time for God, you hardly go to church, even if you do you are mostly absent minded throughout sermons and yet God still looks out for you in your time of need. You can see, walk, talk so you think is something normal?. There is a lot you should be grateful for. Show God you love Him genuinely by dedicating some time for Him within your day. Either to play His type of songs, or read His Word or chat with Him. Try and at least make Him smile at you. Let Him see your efforts, like you try make your Boss see your efforts. So that if there is any bonuses to be received from above He would gladly shower them on you without asking. Because technically, He knows all that you need. The Bible did not lie when He said, seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you. Make time for God within your 24hours like you make time for the people you love. Please listen to God when He speaks. Don't pretend you don't know it's Him. It's annoying.

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Aloevera II

J'Dess: I understand perfectly well why the phrase, "love is blind" has been misjudged. Imagine if love wasn't blind, would it be genuine at all?. Wouldn't it be bias?. Please don't miss what I'm about to share with you. Actually, this topic has been on my mind for a couple of days now, with the sole aim of bringing you into the inner chambers of my thinking so that you wouldn't misinterpret. Cause I've realized that no matter how good a script is, the readers often misconceive the context of the script; that changes the whole meaning of the script. Especially, the Bible, is mostly contradicted by many, simply because we do not find out the context behind some of the things we read. Kindly do me this favor, any script at all you read. Firstly, find out the context of the script, and with that you would get the right meaning: the writer's mind. That was just by the way.  Follow me carefully now. Let me tell you why love is blind. Love has been in existence from eternity, and it was passed on from eternity into time, when God created the world and man. Because, God is love, and He created man in His likeness.Therefore, we are love. That is why everything we do is simply out of love. Remember, God breathing His Spirit into the human body He created: signifies that we are spirits clothed in human flesh. Naturally, we are created to love by the manufacturer: God. So when two people fall in love, they are two souls falling in love, not physical bodies.That is why we have the term. "Soul mate". And our heart interacts between the human body and soul. Hereby, the heart is hugely affected when one gets hurt along the way. That is why we also have the term, "heart break". In short, love is blind because it is a spiritual connection which goes beyond the physical. It stretches beyond the flaws, appearance and other physical elements of the other; although, it takes a willing mind to fall in love. Love is not forced nor bias; its simply blind.

Love translated in Music

Tuesday, 3 March 2020


Hanson: We talked all night. You know how it is when you meet someone new. You have limitless things to talk about and there is usually an instant connection when you have sth in common. This time around, surprisingly, we did have a lot in common so it made the bonding quite effortless. First of all, she stays in my area. Her birthday is in the same month as mine, just a day before. The senior high school(shs), she attended is my shs female pair. It's intriguing how priorities gradually change as we grow. We start seeing life from a different perspective. Our goals and choices are clearly defined. You would understand love better when you meet the right person. Someone who understands and accepts you for whom you are, and knows how to deal with your emotions. Believe me when I say it's not easy finding such love. Many end up with someone being there for them during their difficult times as their lover. Someone who gives them good advice, pushes them to be a better version of themselves, cares for them. Such a person could as well be a helper or a friend, not necessarily lovers. What I really want you to understand here is: there is no formula we look out for when it comes to love. Many fall for someone who supports them financially, and later realize there is a lot more to look out for. Actually, love is a choice, no matter how effortless it can be. It grows with a willing mind. It does not just evolve without your consent. You would know when there is something about someone you like. And that thing when watered, grows into love. It may stay at "like" forever or die out: if not watered. That is why you used to have someone as your "crush". It is true, you can fall in love with the wrong person. It simply means, love is not the only thing that sustains a relationship. Indeed, love blinds you: would expatiate on this phrase on Aloevera II.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Secret Incredient II

Akua: I had this friend of mine who really had a pure heart. Sometimes I did wonder how come there are men of his kind still alive. Many do believe good men are currently extinct though, so they settle for the ones they are fortunate to manage. At a point, I thought he would not get married. He was always busy creating game apps than chat with ladies. But one day, he met this lady and it was effortless, he said. She liked him for him, he did not have to pretend or impersonate anyone to get her attention. They actually met on a bus trip to Accra. She said hello, and sat beside him. At the time, he was busy with his malt and biscuit. I'm still waiting for my response, she said. He stopped chewing, they both laughed and they began chatting. That was how it all began. She was his first, dating was a new thing to him but she pretty much made it easier for him. They had  so much chemistry that he could just tell her mood from her response. And the good thing was; he always knew how to get her in the right mood. They respected each other, and knew when not to cross the line. No matter how angry they were with each other, they never went a day without chatting. A year later, they agreed to settle down, so Ama introduced Kofi to her mum. Her mother after meeting him, felt the connection between both of them and knew her daughter was a lucky woman. After Kofi left, she was having a conversation with her daughter and happen to ask her the church Kofi attends. Ama mentioned that Kofi attended ICGC. She then told her they couldn't get married because he wasn't a methodist. You are shocked too right?. I was actually stunned when I heard this myself. Kofi is currently still single, I mean that was his first time of putting his heart out there and everything was so perfect until this came up. How difficulty it will be for such a person to put his heart out there again. It's unfortunate how lousy a reason could be for two people not to get married as this one. Two Christians for crying out loud!!!... Who sets these rules for marriage?